Falcon Wireline, LLC, headquartered in Woodward, Oklahoma, provides electric wireline service for its customers in western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. Falcon was formed in 2001 by Mr. Manley Porter and a group of industry investors. Mr. Porter and the investment group determined that timing may be good to pursue the sale of the Company, and initiated discussions with friends in the private equity industry as to who might assist them. An acquaintance of Dillard Anderson Group (DAG) within one of the firms recommended DAG. After initial discussions and a check of references from previous clients, the owners of Falcon appointed DAG to assist in the sale.

DAG performed an analysis of the potential strategic and financial buyers. The best overall valuation was delivered by Gray Wireline Services, Inc., a relatively new platform of Centre Southwest Partners, Dallas, Texas. The owner group realized its liquidity objective, and the management and all employees of Falcon were pleased to accept ongoing employment with the new owners.

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