Wildhorse Services, Inc., Woodward, Oklahoma, is a fishing and rental tool service provider, covering western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. The Company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Greg Wines and Mr. Steve Wickware. Mr. Wines, an industry veteran of over 35 years, made a personal decision to retire. Mr. Wickware’s career objective was to continue working, but was interested in monetizing his equity in Wildhorse. DAG was referred to Wildhorse by an oilfield industry acquaintance. Mr. Wines talked to a number of our previous clients, and, based on their feedback, elected to engage DAG for a sale.

DAG investigated possible strategic and financial buyers, and obtained multiple offers. The best overall valuation was delivered by Basic Energy Services, Inc. The two primary shareholders realized their liquidity objectives. In addition, Mr. Wines has fully retired and Mr. Wickward has been made manager of the new Basic Energy division. All Wildhorse employees agreed to continue with Basic.

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