Selling Your Business

How can you get better value for my company than I can?

The Dillard Anderson Group, through personal knowledge of its’ managing directors, and its extensive database, can determine which industry players or financial organizations might have an interest in your company. Each of these candidates can be approached in a confidential manner. Each knows, through your retaining of DAG, that you are serious about selling.

I’m concerned about my employees and competitors hearing about a potential sale. How is confidentiality maintained?

A minimum amount of information is necessary to start the sales process. This can typically be provided by the owner(s). Discretion is key in all that we do. At the time that this information is compiled and presented to a prospective buyer, a Confidentiality Agreement will be executed before key information is shared.

What if I don’t receive an acceptable offer?

You are under no obligation to sell.

I’ve heard that investment banking firms use their senior partners to get engagements, then dole out the work to junior personnel. Who will do the work on my engagement?

Max Dillard, and senior personnel will do the work. We don’t have any junior personnel. We do have very capable administrative associates who handle our administrative work in a very professional manner.

How will you price my company?

We will not price your company. We will solicit offers from the entire market, and satisfy you that you are getting the best value that the entire market is prepared to pay. We believe that hanging a price tag on a company is a mistake. Our actual experience has been that the market may value our client company at a higher level than the owners. We have previous clients that will confirm this.

I have some interest. What should I do next?

You can contact us by phone at 214.706.9371 or email us at