About Us

What We Do
The Dillard Anderson Group serves as a catalyst for companies who wish to merge, sell or acquire. The results of our efforts enhance the strategic and economic values of each of the parties.

As an agent for business owners, DAG analyzes the seller’s business, including market, competition, financial position and personnel. Through our network of relationships established over the past thirty years, qualified candidates are identified. The client company is then presented personally and confidentially to interested parties.

As agent for an acquiring company client, we first obtain a clear understanding of the objectives, strategy and financial considerations. Through our network, we then pursue appropriate candidates. These candidates are then screened for strategic fit and commercial value. The candidates are then presented to our client company.

Our Difference
The managing directors of DAG have had extensive careers in the oilfield and in the office as managers and owners of energy and service companies. We have acquired companies and we’ve been acquired. Our involvement includes operations, sales, marketing, engineering, finance and administration.

Most firms in the investment banking field are strong in academics but light on experience “in the trenches”. Our experience has given us a unique perspective, bringing both these disciplines together. We have molded our business process to keep them simple.

How We Work
Our engagement process is designed to minimize disruption within the client’s organization. Our clients are assured the highest degree of professionalism from our firm. As an extension of our client, we conduct ourselves accordingly. We practice professionalism, accept only those assignments we are qualified to perform, respect client confidentiality, and operate in an ethical manner.

A Business Built on Referrals
Our past work continues to set the table for future work. Relationships that we’ve fostered working in the real world and with past clients have led to a steady stream of referrals and ultimately new clients. We have found that these personal references lead to better engagements. We are grateful to our friends and past clients for spreading the word about DAG. We’d be happy to share all our past client references with you. Call us on it. 214.706.9371.